Keynote Speaker, Business Owner, Author.

Imagine…Then Do It!

In Julie’s signature talk, her message challenges women to open their minds to the endless possibilities that can result in a fulfilling next act. Ideal for women’s groups ages 40-65.

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The Science of Catching Happiness

Using personal stories and humor grounded in today’s scientific research, Julie shares her top five “happiness catchers”.

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Lean In For A Successful Career

In this keynote, Julie discusses important topics corporate women can learn from to create more success and happiness in their career and in life.

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  • E&Y was so pleased to have Julie as a speaker at both our 2012 and 2013 International Strategic Growth Forums in Palm Springs. Her talk The Science of Catching Happiness in 2012 was standing room only and so well received we invited her back for 2013. Julie’s knowledge, humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and entertained. Everyone left with specific practical tools to use and clearly defined next steps to take to become happier. Then in 2013, her talk Imagine..Then Do It was a highlight of the week long conference. We’ve now invited her back for 2014!
    Julia Poston, Managing Partner E&Y Cincinnati
  • "All I have to say is “WOW”! It seems as though everything is aligning in my life since I began my journey after your talk…. so much has been accomplished just when I thought I couldn’t see the light of the very next day. I’m very happy to see that you are offering the DVD of your talk! It’s nice to have a bit of “Imagine” when we need it!"
    Melanie Drury, Audience Member
  • "Julie Shifman has a knack for meeting women where they are now, and inspiring them to look ahead to their next endeavor. Speaking to a group of women from Hadassah, the National Council of Jewish Women, and a local synagogue sisterhood, Julie faced a diverse audience. There were professional women considering a career change; stay-at-home moms wondering if this was an opportune time for them to re-enter the workplace; full-time community volunteers; and others as yet unsure of their future plans. Yet, Julie had something useful to offer everyone present. Her talk combined practical exercises to pinpoint the needs and skills of her listeners, and inspirational stories to help them overcome obstacles to their success. We loved her energy, her passion, and her dynamic speaking style, and would recommend her to any women’s group seeking a motivational speaker."
    Julie E. Schwartz President, New Orleans Chapter of Hadassah
  • "Thank you Julie for your vision of what our Duke Energy Women’s Event could be.  The impact of that one day discussion of Lean In with your keynote and moderation of our panel, continues to facilitate new conversations and new relationships among the women of our company.  I can’t wait to see where we go from here."
    Johnna Reeder, Duke Energy, Vice President, Community Relations
  • This morning made us all feel as if we CAN do anything if we risk and if we dream. This is my belief as well, but always good to be reminded of our purpose. The ladies I sat with at my table were moved to tears several times and I was also glad for some tissues in my purse.
    Meg Graham Audience Member
  • "We hired Julie for our corporate women’s networking group to conduct a morning workshop based on concepts from Lean In.   Julie’s own illustrations of how she applied those principles to her career were impactful and were a great conversation starter amongst our small groups in our workshop.   The feedback from our group was great!  I recommend Julie without reservation!"
    Louise Jones, LexisNexis