The Science of Catching Happiness


Happiness, quoting Benjamin Franklin, has to be “caught”, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen to you. Using personal stories and humor grounded in today’s scientific research, Julie shares her top five “happiness catchers” including

  • living life with gratitude
  • performing acts of kindness (what Julie calls Looking for Lurch)
  • stop sweating the small stuff
  • finding the funny (wait till you hear the story of the doped up dog)
  • creating daily small happiness catchers (what Julie calls frequent quickies)

Based on today’s scientific research as well as her own experience of leading a happy life, Julie believes that by seeking to catch happiness in a proactive way, all of us can live happier lives.

This inspirational talk is ideal for groups of any kind or age as the quest for happiness is universal. For corporate groups, Julie also emphasizes the research showing that happier employees are more productive and successful. All participants will leave with specific action items they can practice immediately to live happier lives.




Informative, inspiring, and funny.” That is how one woman spoke of Julie. Another woman said that Julie’s warm and easy going manner made everyone comfortable and that she couldn’t wait to get home to begin reading the book. Her Imagine….then do it presentation inspired women of all ages and backgrounds to reach for those goals and her book provides them with the tools to achieve them. Then the next morning, her Catching Happiness presentation made everyone feel good. Julie intermixed relatable and humorous stories with interactive exercises that guided the audience to improving the happiness quotient in their daily lives.

–Jennifer Levine
Women’s Dept Federation of Detroit



E&Y was so pleased to have Julie as a speaker at both our 2012  and 2013 International Strategic Growth Forums in Palm Springs.  Her talk Catching Happiness: Living a happier life in 2012 was standing room only and so well received we invited her back for 2013.  Julie’s knowledge, humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and entertained.  Everyone left with specific practical tools to use and clearly defined next steps to take to become happier.  In 2013, her talk Imagine..Then Do It was a highlight of the week long conference.

–Julia Poston
Managing Partner E&Y Cincinnati


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