Lean In For A Successful Career


Thirty years after women became 50% of the college graduates in the US, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry and this hasn’t improved in the last ten years. We have ceased making real progress at the top. “It is time for us to face the fact that our revolution has stalled.” says Sheryl Sandberg in her new book Lean In.
Using personal stories from her hectic life as a mom of four little boys working to make partner in a large law firm sprinkled with humor as well as today’s scientific research, in this keynote, Julie discusses important ideas corporate women can learn to create more success and happiness in their career and in life.

  •  Don’t leave before you have to
  •  Recognize that your career is a jungle gym not a ladder
  • What to do about the “impostor syndrome”
  •  How to use the question “what’s the worst that can happen” to take risks
  • What to do about the fact that Success and Likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women

Julie believes that by paying attention to these topics in a proactive way, we actually can have a more successful and fulfilling career. As a successful career woman herself (first as a partner in a large law firm and now as a business owner, author and speaker), and the mother of four boys (all four born within five years) Julie not only discusses these important topics but can speak from her own experience. All participants will leave with specific action items they can practice immediately to create a fulfilling and successful career. This talk is ideal for corporate women’s gatherings. Typically Julie will also moderate a panel of key women executives from the company following her talk so that the values of the corporation in promoting it’s women, can be clearly demonstrated.




We hired Julie for our corporate women’s networking group to conduct a morning workshop based on concepts from Lean In.   Julie’s own illustrations of how she applied those principles to her career were impactful and were a great conversation starter amongst our small groups in our workshop. The feedback from our group was great!  I recommend Julie without reservation!

–Louise Jones



Thank you Julie for your vision of what our Duke Energy Women’s Event could be.  The impact of that one day discussion of Lean In with your keynote and moderation of our panel, continues to facilitate new conversations and new relationships among the women of our company.  I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

–Johnna Reeder
Duke Energy Vice President, Community Relations



Julie, thank you so much for your Keynote Lean In for our  women’s initiatives program which we hosted with the law firm Thompson Hine.  Your keynote and panel moderation were motivating and thought-provoking.  We continue to hear comments that this was our best women’s event ever!  The attendees especially liked the personal stories – yours and those you drew out of the panel members.  The committee is not sure how we can “top” this event next year!  Thank you so much

–Cynthia C. Padilla, CPA
Director Barnes Dennig


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